Special Thanks

NetSketch would not have been possible without the contribution of my dad (St. Clair Software), who has fostered my love of programming and problem solving from an early age. His help and expertise allowed me to tackle design issues ranging from networking and threading to UI design, and has helped make NetSketch a solid and efficient application.

I would also like to thank Next Level Media for hosting the NetSketch website!

About NetSketch

My name is Ben Gotow. I'm a Mac programmer, web developer and photographer, and a senior in Computer Engineering at Vanderbilt University. I've been working day and night for the last four months to bring NetSketch to life.

In March, I was sitting in class...

staring aimlessly out the window. Computer Science classes aren't the most lively - and as class progressed it became clear my pen and paper would go unused. A few laptops were open and the group behind me wasn't paying attention. Several people were browsing the web on their iPods. I pulled my Touch out of my backpack, and it occurred to me:

"Wouldn't it be great if we could draw back and forth on these things?"

I imagined something similar to CodingMonkeys' popular Mac app SubEthaEdit, but focused on colaborative drawing instead of collaborative text editing: something that would let me scribble out a picture and send it to people on the network, or even better, allow me to draw - in realtime - with everyone in the class.

It's been four months now and I've written (and in some cases, rewritten) more than 9,000 lines of code for NetSketch. According to Last.fm, it's taken me at least 308 hours. I've done everything I can to pull in key features like infinite undo, vector (not pixel-based) drawing and sharing privacy, while maintaining performance. There are several more features coming soon, including drawing replay and PDF vector export. So stay tuned!

For contact information and more about my work, visit http://www.gotow.net/

- Ben Gotow